Macro Expressionism Photography

Macro Expressionism presents the world from a subjective, abstract point of view. One way to achieve this is by creating opportunities for calculated accidents which transform the subject matter. The goal is to represent with the camera a point of view which conveys feeling, atmosphere, mood, or a point of view which expresses action, movement or intangible qualities which representational artwork or photography does not.

carlin felder macro expressionism photographer
Carlin Felder
Macro Expressionism Photographer

About the photographer

Carlin Felder studied fine art and creative writing at the University of North Texas. As a photographer she has developed a personal style called Macro Expressionism.

As a Macro Expressionistic photographer, my form of photography is a meditative act. It is calming to sink into the viewfinder into a subject and discover imagery that I cannot see with my eyes alone and express my point of view artistically. - Get the Kindle Short Book Here